Florida Republicans Threaten Democrats After DeSantis Exits GOP Primary

The Florida GOP’s newly-elected Chair Evan Power took to Twitter to chide Democrats for savoring Ron DeSantis‘ exit from the Republican presidential race Sunday afternoon, saying DeSantis’ lame duck term as governor will hasten their “extinction.”

Freshman State Rep. Adam Anderson, a real estate investor and Florida House back-bencher, chimed in adding, “Yes!”

Former RPOF chairman Blaise Ingoglia issued a strikingly similar warning to Florida Democrats, a group relatively uninvolved with Donald Trump‘s crushing 30-point dominance over DeSantis in Iowa which sent DeSantis’ nine-figure campaign packing before New Hampshire.

“Florida GOP politics is now just threatening and attacking powerless Democrats using the government,” Kartik Krishnaiyer‘s Florida Squeeze publication responded.

“Such a decline from times when Florida’s state government made huge advances for our quality of life, innovated in government transparency, and conducted itself professionally,” they added.

The vengeful threats by major Florida Republican party leaders seems to reflect a move towards a tribal MAGA mentality focused more on torturing perceived enemies and settling scores than governing.

“I am your retribution,” Donald Trump told the annual conservative CPAC convention last year as he castigated various functions of the American government.

Trump has recently embraced far right demagogues like Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has criminalized political opposition, jailed protestors, and attacked free speech by shutting down press organizations critical of his agenda. Trump recently called Orban a “great man” and “strong leader.”

The Florida GOP’s chairman has also Tweeted fondly about Kyle Rittenhouse who has become hero of violent Far Right revenge fantasies after killing two men in the wake of the George Floyd protests in 2020.

Disgraced former RPOF chair Christian Ziegler who was removed from the partisan office earlier this month — often used eliminationist rhetoric towards his political opponents as well, saying his goal was “0 Dems in Florida.”

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  1. Meghan Starke Avatar
    Meghan Starke

    Do these oafs realize it was Trump that crushed their guy DeSantis?

    Probably re-directing their embarrassment like a drunk dad coming home to kick around the kids

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