Tallahassee Lobbyist Blames Firefighter Hero Over City Hall Contract Impasse

A lobbyist and former GOP legislative aide known for questionable tactics has again taken his political antics across the line of decency — this time lambasting a heroic Tallahassee Professional Firefighters leader over a City Hall contract dispute.

Jared Willis took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with some thoughts on the matter, broadsiding Tallahassee Professional Firefighters President Joey Davis by name.

City Hall negotiators have strung along representatives of Tallahassee’s Bravest for more than a year now. Davis, a Lieutenant Parademic who leads Tallahassee’s Local 2933, is a cancer survivor currently in remission after a life-threatening colon cancer diagnosis.

While general employees got a 5 percent raise across the board and Tallahassee police officers got a big payday in 2023, firefighters have gotten no new deal since their current contract expired last year.

PBA agreed to the pay raises along with City Management after just one Executive Session. City staff indicated they had not been able to determine the cost of public pension obligations amid a controversy about illicit drug use by a top TPD officer.

It’s not the first time Willis, dubbed the “Wolf of Call Street” for his small-time imitation of establishment developer politics, has entered the fray of Tallahassee local affairs on behalf of Republican-oriented special interests.

He is a former board member affiliated with developer-funded front group “Grow Tallahassee,” funded by big developer interests but was evidently removed in 2022.

He previous filed an ethics complaint — dismissed by the Independent Ethics Board who found it lacked any merit — and misled a Tallahassee Democrat reporter, later admitting he enlisted a family member to take a surreptitious photo of elected officials at a widely advertised public event.

Willis’ lobbying clients include Common Sense Leadership Fund, a billionaire-backed Republican dark money group headquartered in Virginia.

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