About Us

The Florida New Signal is a news and opinion publication committed to factual reporting in the public interest and restoring balance in Florida’s increasingly extreme, hostile government.

We highlight causes and people that further those goals and bring scrutiny to those who fall short or actively work against them.

We push back on the growing glut of right wing propaganda and pay-for-play outlets, and serve as a counterbalance to the proven connection between the decline in local news outlets and greater government corruption. 

We are progressives, independents, and reform-minded conservatives writing about newsworthy issues for the benefit of the people of Florida — not for insiders’ money.

To illuminate the truth, amplify marginalized voices, and foster a well-informed statewide community discourse that champions social and economic progress, equity, and justice.

Our Mission

To be a leading force in Florida citizen journalism, striving for a discourse where information is accessible to all, where narratives are honest and diverse, and where the power of the press catalyzes positive change.

Our Vision

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